On Changing the Title of Book III

On Changing the Title of Book III

Postby stevent10993 » Sun Apr 24, 2011 9:37 am

Despite having committed almost three years ago to a title for Book III, for days now, I've been weighing the pros and cons of changing this book's title. Three years ago, Solving the Mysteries of the Universe sounded interesting and correct. But now that I'm about a third of the way through writing this book, the theme that's emerged is more about documenting a method with which to solve these mysteries than having the solutions.

Many chapter titles have already been changed... The Geometry of Truth, The Algebra of Consciousness, The Science of Healing, The Science of Learning, The Science of Relationships, and Constellated Science-A New Scientific Method. All reflect the book's theme, to present a new scientific method. So why can't I just change the title and be done with it? The truth? I brace for pain when I think of doing it. And being as Book III lists this as the sure and certain proof for being wounded, I guess, no, I'm certain this means I must have a wound in and around changing my words.

Keeping my word? My word should count for something? Giving my word? Ugh. Whatever it is, it means there's more work to do. More digging and twisting in the mud of my darkened mind. More agonizing over what is standing in the shadows waiting to devour me.

More important still is what all this raises in me, what is surely the more important focus here; the idea that I'll never be done with finding and healing my wounds. Nor will anyone else for that matter.Indeed, it amazes me that that I know so much about healing and still, wounds keep emerging. And on bad days, knowing this weighs me down.

Even so, having a clear and certain way with which to discover and heal these wounds eases my all-too-easily toppled mind. And having spent far too many years lost in the useless pain and empty misery of traditional therapies, these thoughts make me quietly, inwardly grateful.

My point?

There is no done when it comes to healing, or even to discovering wounds. If you live committed to consciously observing your life without blame, wounds and healing become your constant companions. But so do emergences. And after all, is there a better way to spend a life? I think not.


P.S. Book III: A New Scientific Method? Book III: the Science of Doing Science? Book III: the Science of Truth?
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Re: On Changing the Title of Book III

Postby austinshaw » Mon Apr 25, 2011 7:52 pm

Wow Steve... Thank you for your honesty. Sometimes I forget that you have wounds too. I feel a lot of the same feelings you described in your post. I have an idea that one day I will have ascended some kind of spiritual plateau and everything will be perfect then, no more pain, no more worry, no more fear... Of course, being an idea this place and time exist only in theory. The story of my life has been filled with peaks and valleys of joy and sadness... Amazing discoveries and terrible losses.

Your process of self initiation amazes me in that it seems like it has become a working part of your life. It inspires me to keep working to integrate these tools, to keep turning towards the light of connection instead of the isolation of blame. I set a couple of daily alerts in my phone to remind me... At 7:30am my phone buzzes and displays the text "Notice Change?". At 2:30pm the phone buzzes and displays "How many points? Linear Continuum" to encourage me to examine if I am in 1 point, and if so to try and build a bridge towards a second point.

For Book III's title... I wonder if you could create a continuum within the title? Something that complements Science or Truth... Although I kinda like the "Science of Truth"


P.S. I just found this article about the universe starting as 1 dimension... Makes me think of the psycho-spiritual parallel of all truths beginning with a single point.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/ ... cists.html
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Re: On Changing the Title of Book III

Postby bobbymac » Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:11 pm

This was a hard post for me to reply to. I have told a number of people along my way that your ability to show me you are like me is why you succeeded in teaching me so much.

Often I fall into a fantasy where my suffering will end "just like Steven's did".

This is because I picture you in your trances for hours on end. The beauty you are experiencing in those hours. And I have been able to at least visit there myself.

Though I know it's just a fantasy. Thank you for sharing this.

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