Seeing eyes: blank, bright, etc.

Seeing eyes: blank, bright, etc.

Postby Avital » Tue May 10, 2011 1:32 pm

I've been puzzled whenever I hear about what people can learn from looking at a person's eyes. A blank or dull stare meaning the person is not visualizing. Focused or vivid eyes as a sign the person is visualizing. And some other stuff about where someone is looking.
I have recently thought that learning eye skills can help me as a teacher. If I understand it, I can have a better tool to know when my student is not seeing something. So I asked Steve where to start.
As we spoke, I realized I have not been looking at people's eyes! No wonder I haven't been "getting" it. I have not evidence--facts or stories--of physical eyes. Just some ideas and feelings.

So I set out to get experience. I'm looking at people's eyes. Here's my experience so far:
  • My boss: He seemed surprised. My experience was similar to saying hello for the first time. With a man I've known for 10 years.
  • The female cashier at Starbucks: Again, someone I've seen before, but experienced her as more beautiful today.
  • The male barista: I went into shock. Felt scared. Felt 4 years old. I need more evidence, but from him and others I've seen today--I may have an injury around seeing a man's eyes when we are both standing and he is taller than me.

I'm just a baby at seeing eyes. I'm 47 year old. It's never too late!

I'm looking forward to seeing my other friends eyes. This is exciting, yet weired. And have a question to you guys. I seem to feel more naked when I do this. As if by looking at someone's eyes I'm reveling myself a lot. Is that how you experience it? Does it feel natural to you to look at eyes? I'd love to hear your experience.
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Re: Seeing eyes: blank, bright, etc.

Postby bobbymac » Wed May 25, 2011 8:22 pm

Noticing bright eyes was one of the first things I attempted when I discovered Emergence. I already had the idea that people around me were sometimes "dead" and I wondered if anyone was "alive". A harsh point of view I admit. At the time I was pretty sure I could spot "bright eyes" though it would be over a year before I actually experienced them.

My Psychologist at the time was the first one I spotted. Her eyes were set back in her sockets like a camera lens with it's zoom retracted. I can almost hear the mechanical sound of her eyes as she shifted them into focus. The way I labelled it at the time was "a connection". (I didn't even see they were "bright eyes" until writing this and exploring the the thread.)

Another one was in a seminar (which I described in another post) where a group of body-first learners sat through a painfully mind-first instruction. At about the 3rd hour the teacher put a cartoon picture up on the screen. First I noticed the heads turning. I looked quickly around and noticed our eyes like flashlights were turning on.

In the other direction I was training a coworker and my tell-first blurt at once put his eyes glazed like he was suddenly dreaming of donuts with sprinkles. A few more moments where I couldn't stop myself and I swear his eyes were donuts. I took this as a nod to show-first and the desserts faded in his mind and he could remember where he was. He was a young man with eyes again.

What I see today looking over these experiences of eyes is I only have access to the change. Meaning only the eyes I saw shift have any meaning to me. This is consistent with what Steven is telling in his book II that we only experience when we move between layers. The way I think of it is I only see bright or blank eyes when I see them in a sequence together.

Blank to bright. Bright to blank. It seems true to say I don't see them very often. Which is strange since logically I know there are many blank eyes on the factory floor. The reason I don't see them I think is because I don't see them change.

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