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The Spiritual Wise Man

The Spiritual Wise Man and His Truth - Feelings

We allow many wise men into our lives. We also deny admission to far more. Unfortunately, because we must access all four to find personal truth, by doing the latter, you guarantee you will not find it.

In truth, the wise men do not want us to know this. They get to control us only as long as we do not know they exist. Moreover, the spiritual wise man is no exception. His companions; our spiritual guides, all seek to convince us that the truths of other three wise men are only temporary.

Who are these folks and how do they get into our lives?

They are the inspirational speakers whose television appearances give us hope. They are the grief counselors who use our sense of the greater good to lift us up. They are the paranormal researchers who claim we're not being told the truth. They are the bank loan officers who go above and beyond to help us to acquire our dream home.

How about you. Have you been influenced by any of these folks? Did you realize they are biasing your truths? In what way, you ask? To see, you'll have to compare and contrast this wise man's truth with the other three. Only then can you hope to find your personal truth.

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