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The Materialist Wise Man

ODE Facts - Observed Definite Events

As I just told you, the Materialist Wise Man's truth, facts, come in two flavors, RSS facts (References to a Standard Scale) and ODE facts (Observed Definite Events).

ODE facts are any measurements which do not refer to a standard scale. For instance, I saw three mailmen screwing off in the arcade. Or, I hear the garbage truck at 4 AM last night. Or, I ate three pounds of spagetti last month. Or, I got on the scale this morning and wanted to shoot myself.









The Materialist Wis Man's Truth - Facts

The Forest Metaphor

Facts are like soil.

Thus RSSs (references to a standard scale) are like the nutrients in the soil.

And ODEs (observations of definite events) are like decaying real world matter which combines with these nutrients to make fertile soil.

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Where do ODE Facts come from?








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