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Making the Map: Step Five - Revealing the Wise Men




Step Five: Revealing the Wise Men

In step five, we get the payoff. The four wise men get revealed. Know this rarely if ever occurs. In truth, the wise men want to remain hidden. This way, they get to control your life. The best thing about map then is it puts you back in control of your life. How? We've got a ways to go before we get to that part.

For now, the thing to see is who the four wise men are. Who are they?

First up is the Materialist wise man, the ruler of theoretical physical realm. He's our doctor, our statistician, our librarian, and the guy or gal who manages our finances. His truth is facts.

Next up is the Empirical wise man, the ruler of the real world physical realm. He's our playwright, our historian, our research scientist, and our story-telling grandfather. Thus his truth is stories.

Third up is the Rationalist wise man, ruler of the theoretical mental realm. He's our lawyer, our politician, our life coach, and our philosophy professor. And his truth is ideas.

Lastly, we have the Spiritual wise man, the ruler of the Real World Mental Realm. He's our priest, our counselor, our therapist, and friend. And his truth is feelings.

The Five Steps to the Wise Men's Map








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