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Making the Map: Step Four - Defining the Four Great Truths

Step Four: Defining the Four Great Truths

At this point, we've defined the four realms. But what good does this do? Simply put, we get definitions for the four great truths; facts, feelings, stories, and ideas.

  • What are feelings? Invisible change.

  • What are facts? Visible unchange.

  • What are stories? Visible change.

  • What are ideas? Invisible unchange.

Now consider how precisely these four truths are now defined. Take feelings. Regardless of the source of the feeling, it's a change you sense but can't see. So whether we're talking an itchy back or a seven-year marital itch, if it's a feeling, it will be an invisible change.

When do the wise men appear? We'll see them in step five.

The Five Steps to the Wise Men's Map








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