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Making the Map: Step Two - the Two Questions

Step Two: the Realm Locating Questions

Admittedly, the second step can be a bit difficult; coming up with the map's two questions. Here, both the horizontal and vertical axes get a realm locating question associated to them. For the wise men's master map, the vertical axis question is, is this truth visible? And the horizontal axis question is, does this truth change over time?

Know that what makes these questions special is that they're tipping-point based. By this, I mean they function like coin tosses. One, the possible outcomes are completely defined. Two, they give real world outcomes that are one hundred percent certain.

Of course, we're not talking about coins which either land heads or tails. We're talking about questions which test for real world conditions which can only be yes and no.

What do we get from knowing whether something is visible and if it changes? We'll see in step three.


The Five Steps to the Wise Men's Map








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