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Making the Map: Step One - the Cross

Step One: Drawing the Truth Cross

When drawing the map, the first step is to draw the cross. And at first glance, this may seem like nothing special. However, the wise men teach that there is actually a sequence of six geometric shapes underlying their map. This cross is actually the fifth shape in this series.

As the fifth of these six geometries, this cross is called, "the expanding truth." But as the first step of the map, it's known as the vertical and horizontal axes. Here, the vertical axis divides the map into the left and right halves. The horizontal axis divides the map into the upper and lower halves. And together, these two axes define the boundaries of the four realms of the map.

What goes into these four realms? Here's where step two comes in. By asking the two axis questions, you determine which quadrant a truth goes into; an upper or a lower quadrant, and a left or a right quadrant.

What does this tell us? Let's see.

The Five Steps to the Wise Men's Map








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