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The Map of the Four Wise Men


[click on each part of the drawing to see those parts of the map explained]


Creating Wise Men's Maps

There are five steps to making wise men's maps, including the one you see here; the master map. Learn these five steps, and the logical geometry behind them, and you'll soon be discovering your own original ideas. And testing other people's ideas for truth, even in areas of study you haven't been exposed to.

Know these five steps are easy to learn, but hard to master, mainly because they seem so obvious at first. In truth, I've barely begun to explore the map myself, this after several years. Then again, perhaps you'll get it right away. I certainly would love it if that happened.

My point? Take your time and proceed slowly, even if you think you understand it. Then draw the map,several times more. Then when you think you've got it, try teaching the map to someone else. Indeed, I find teaching is the best way to learn.

Finally, if you need help, click on the drawing and you'll be taken to those parts of the map.

Ready to start? Here we go.


The Five Steps to the Wise Men's Map








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