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Four Wise Men's Game Layout

Playing the Wise Men's Game

If you click, in the drawing, on each of the nine elements of the game, you'll find explanations for each of these elements. The nine elements are:

  • the four elements of truth which define the map

  • the four wise man cards which define the four truths

  • the axis mundi at the center of the game.



The Ideas Card

There are three qualities which define each game card, the time and place in which they occur and the type of experience.

With ideas, the time is every time; forever. The place is everywhere; in all places. And the experience is that of verbally condensing what the mind observes in a group of stories into an overarching meaning or meanings.

Realize this is just another way to refer to the Rationalist Wise Man's realm, invisible unchange. Here, invisible means ideas must refer to something mental not physical;some person, place, thing, or event that cannot be seen. And unchange refers to the idea that in theory, both time and place exist in the same state. Indeed, this is what makes ideas a theoretical truth, the idea that they never change.

This then is the hardest thing to understand about ideas. And about theoretical things in general. Because they never change, they're hard to find fault with, as permanence is generally seen as the proof something is true.

The Rationalist Wise Mna's Game Card - Ideas









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