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The Materialist Wise Man





The First Great Truth - Facts

Most people balk when I tell them that the word "facts" has never been properly defined. At least, not with anything like scientific rigour. Yet a quick glance at a few dictionaries easily proves this. The wise men's map remedies this lack by defining facts as "visible unchange." This means, if you can see it and it's not changing, then what you're seeing is a fact.

The thing is, while this definition is both clear and concise, it's still only an idea. So while "visible unchange" may satisfy the Rationalist Wise Man's supporters, those aligned with the other three wise men don't see it this way, including the wise man whose truth this is; the Materialist Wise Man.

How does he define it? With the three core qualities of truth. Time. Place. Essence. These three observable tests are what define each of the four truths.

In what time do facts occur? In a single, frozen moment in time. In what place do facts occur? In a single frozen position in space. And what is the essential nature of facts? All facts are measurements.

Know when I say measurements, there are actually two kinds. This means there are two kinds of facts. With the first; RSSs (References to a Standard Scale), you use a standard scale to measure something. And with the second; ODEs (Observed Definite Events), you simply observe something. You "measure it with your eyes."

The thing to come away with here is that there is an easy way to identify a fact. Or any of the four truths, really. You simply notice how long it exists. With facts, a truth lasts for a single theoretical instant. Any longer and it isn't a fact. And yes, we can remember facts long after they occur. But in truth, the actual measurement exists only in the moment in which it's being taken. After that, any measurements you make become new facts. Thus even if these measurements all agree with one another, each new measurement is a new fact.

The Materialist Wis Man's Truth - Facts








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