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About Us

My journey began in 1996 when I had a spiritual experience which changed my life. From then until 2008, I tried to share as much as I could, both through my original Website; Personal Truth and Change (, and through my school at the Center for Emergence. Then in June 2008 while teaching a new student, I discovered the Wise Men's map. Two months later, I began writing a series of books titled, "Finding Personal Truth in the too-much-information age."

The first book, Solving the Mind Body Mystery, was published in October, 2010. The second was published in March, 2011. Currently, the third is due out Spring 2012.

Know that all three books document discoveries made using the map. The Fifth Wise Man site is an adjunct to these books.

Finding Personal Truth - Book I: Solving the /mind Body Mystery Finding Personal Truth - Book II: Unraveling Human Nature Finding Personal Truth - Book III: Solving the Mysteries of the Universe

Finally, should you wish to buy these books, or to contact me, or to simply check out the myriad articles on the Personal Truth and Change site, please click on the book cover images and you'll be taken to that site.

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